Building Your Personal Brand in 2023

Picture of a woman holding a cup that says "like a boss". Illustrates the power of building your personal brand.

3 Strategies to build your personal brand

If taking your personal brand to the next level is high on your agenda for the new year, here are 3 strategies for reaching new heights:

1.Amplify your voice on a second platform: whether it’s Twitter or Linkedin, you can double your digital audience by having a solid presence on a secondary social media channel and create synergies between both.

Tip: Add the link to your second platform in your footnote.

2. Create your own newsletter: Start building up an email database with your subscribers. Not only the open-click rate is much higher but email also allows you to go much deeper with your audience and create intimacy.

Tip: Promote your newsletter to your immediate circle and promote it on your social channels!

3. Invest in a website: your website is your landing page and…it’s yours! Honestly, as much as we love Medium, we don’t know if Elon Musk is going to take over tomorrow. Having your own space allows you to control your content, have a centralised portfolio and invite followers to your home. You can start with your blog first and build from there.

Tip: I used and it’s an easy and friendly platform to get started with plenty of templates

The solutions above can be very cost-effective and give you a competitive edge when it comes to looking for jobs, positioning yourself as an authority in your field, or building your name as an author.

Take advantage of the technology available and remember: it doesn’t have to be perfect!


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