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What is a Podcast Speaker Box

As a public speaker, one of the most important things is to build a personal brand so that the public gets to know you as an individual, your tone, your voice and your personality. Nowadays, I receive regular invitations to be a Podcast speaker, however when I started my journey, I had to put myself out there, reach out to Podcast hosts, and face many rejections before I was invited to speak for the first time as a podcaster.

My first appearance as a Podcast speaker was in August 2022, when I joined the Trusted Authority Podcast to talk about redefining your career narrative, and the challenges of building your personal brand in a new country, Australia. Since then, I decided to build my own Podcast Speaker Box, my collection of speaking appearances at Podcasts where I have the opportunity to amplify my message, and reach a broader audience.

Inside my Podcast Speaker Box

These are the different shows and Podcasts I have been invited to speak. I would like to introduce my Podcast Speaker Box and what I like about each of them:


  • The Trusted Authority Podcast: hosted by personal branding expert Petra Zink, LinkedIn creator with over 20,000 followers, this weekly podcast always brings interesting guests from all walks of life who share different perspectives on becoming a trusted authority in their field. The Podcasts last around 30 minutes and the host is always engaging and keeps the vibe light and fun. This podcast is ideal for people who want to start their personal branding journey or take it to the next level.

In this episode I talked about my experience starting my personal branding journey after being unemployed and the challenges to build a network in a new country.


  • 5 Minutes for Me: as the name indicates, this Podcast lasts 5 minutes on the dot. It was launched as a Mindset app with the idea of offering snackable content to busy professionals that might just have a 5 minute break in between meetings, or while commuting, and want to make every minute count. The topics range from Wellness, Mindset, Resilience, and Productivity and the speakers bring authority and expertise in their field.

In this episode, I talked about having a growth mindset and my personal experience applying that principle to life, from moving to China in 2003, to starting speaking at Podcasts, and learning about new topics, like blockchain.

The app is paid, with a monthly subscription fee of 13US$ and therefore the creators ensure they bring qualified speakers to the show.


  • My First Step Ever Podcast: Ishani Nigam founded this Podcast to encourage people to take their first step, no matter where they are in life. She invites guests from all backgrounds to share their journey on starting something new, and building the courage to step out of their comfort zone. The 30 minute conversation is casual and relaxed, and the guests are always relatable as they share personal stories and learnings across their journey.

In this Podcast episode I talked about the mindset to transform failures into opportunities, and how I look at rejection as a form of redirection. This episode is relevant for people who want to reinvent themselves, particularly in the work space. I provide tips and techniques to create opportunities and have a positive outlook.


  • The Crossing it Off Podcast: this is an amazing Podcast for anyone looking for inspiration to achieve the unachievable. The host and founder, Roger Williams is a source of inspiration himself. He launched the Podcast with the vision to inspire people to chase their dreams, and cross off the items on their bucket list. Roger is all about diversity and he invites guests from under-represented groups to ensure his show is a reflection of our society. He has a policy of gender equity ensuring 50% of guests are women. The guests share their journey towards reaching their goals and tips to keep going and fighting.

In this Podcast episode I talk about my triathlon journey and the mindset and resilience I needed to build in order to complete an Ironman. I talk about the importance of having a clear vision and breaking it into small achievable goals. I also discuss sport as an equaliser and how triathlon promotes inclusion.


  • Mindset Michele TV Show: Michele is a public figure with over 20,000 followers on LinkedIn. She founded her own TV show and channel on YouTube where she invites leaders and founders to talk about leadership and business. Her guests are often founders, entrepreneurs and executives who share their knowledge and journey.

In this Podcast episode, I talked about inclusive leadership and the importance of cultural agility when it comes to leadership. The conversation also covered the topic of resilience and how to overcome challenges with a growth mindset.


  • The Unleashed Leaders of Change: this TV show is all about diversity and self-improvement. The host, Sebastian One encourages a truly inclusive community where guests from different backgrounds share their experience overcoming challenges.

In this Podcast episode, I talked about cultural inclusion and the importance of being an inclusive leader. I talked specifically about my experience leading large and diverse teams in APAC, and what strategies I applied to ensure that 100% of the voices in the room were heard and valued.


  • The Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast: Craig Johns, CEO of Speakers Corporate Institute is the host of this Podcast where he interviews leaders with a unique journey that can inspire others. Amongst the various guests, Craig has interviewed CEO’s, social entrepreneurs, world champions and inspiring women.

In this Podcast episode, I talked about my journey to become a DEI Consultant and a Public Speaker. We discussed the importance of change management and cultural agility in leadership and how new skills are required today to lead teams effectively.

Becoming a Podcast Speaker

If your goal is to become a Podcast speaker, or if you are a beginner, I recommend to listen to the shows you are interested in and start to build your own Podcast Speaker Box. It’s important to get to know the style, the tone of the show and what the hosts and creators are looking for in their podcasters so that you increase your chances of being invited as a guest speaker.

Once you are ready to speak at your first Podcast, remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to be yourself!

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