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DEI Consultant at Leaders for Good


Leaders for Good is an Australian-based organisation focused on DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). They work in 3 main areas to help companies in Asia-Pacific create diverse and inclusive environments for their teams to work effectively:


  • DEI Strategy:


– Strategy Sprint to gather input from employees through surveys and focus groups

– Maturity Assessment to assess the current level of DEI maturity across the organization

– Stakeholder Engagement to help companies create a clear and inclusive framework of collaboration with transparency in processes and decision-making

– Measurement Frameworks to assess progress in DEI and measure success


  • DEI Training & Development:


A series of trainings and programs to equip employees and organisations to drive inclusion

– DEI Foundations

– Inclusive Hiring

– Inclusive Leadership


  • DEI Coachline:


Additional support to organisations that don’t have internal resources and want to outsource DEI professionals.

– DEI Resourcing

–  Inclusive Systems & Processes


I support Leaders for Good as a DEI Consultant and help deliver end-to-end projects to our clients across APAC.

Find out more about Leaders for Good services here.





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