“I’m Going To Set You Up For Success”

“I am going to set you up for success”

What a powerful expression!

The first time I heard it was when I joined Apple as a Business Manager in Hong Kong and my manager Danny said those words to me, as I overcame the biggest imposter syndrome.

Ever since, I have used it again and again because it’s such a fantastic tool:

It’s positive, optimistic and focuses on success

It shows we are in this together as a team

I got your back so you can fall and I will be there to pick you up

As a leader, I am owning your success too, I am vested in you

It implies everyone needs different things and support to succeed: a true reflection of diversity and equity!

It’s affirmative: you are going to succeed, we just have to figure out the journey together

It’s comforting and compassionate: you can ask for help

If you haven’t used it before, start right now! Good leadership can be simple if your heart is in the right place.

PS: just to be crystal clear, this has to come from a genuine place. An enthusiastic “Swim! Swim!” From the pool side while the person who can’t swim is drowning won’t do it. You have to be willing to jump into the water too or at least throw in a little life jacket.


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