Linkedin Live – Building A Personal Brand That Stands Out

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Linkedin Live Session 2

In our second LinkedIn Live, Personal Branding expert Petra Zink and myself joined forces to discuss how to build a robust personal brand that travels with you and makes you stronger.

In the 30 minute live discussion we tackled hot topics that are on everyone’s minds:

Definition of a personal brand

A personal brand is how you project yourself holistically, behind what you do (your work or your skills). It’s who you are as an individual, your messaging, your value, your tone. Just like great brands, having a personal brand is evoking an emotion in your audience. In order to build an effective personal brand, it’s important to think from a 360 standpoint.

Where to get started

I believe the biggest enemy of action is perfectionism. Rather than aiming at publishing the perfect post and overthink things, starting somewhere is the key. There is no right or wrong as it’s a learning journey where there is always opportunity to improve. It doesn’t matter if the first posts don’t get likes or look messy. Starting is great start!

Overcoming the imposter syndrome

A common fear starters have before posting on LinkedIn is not having enough expertise or enough authority in a field. It’s a fact there is always someone more knowledgeable, however there are also people who are behind in their journey and sharing from your unique perspective is going to add value to someone. You don’t have to claim to be an expert to share your point of view or experience.

We covered many other topics such as the opportunity and threat behind ChatGPT, the necessity to create content in a digital first economy and how much should we sharing online.

Click here to watch the Linkedin Live replay.

Click here to watch the LinkedIn Live on 2023 Trends in Talent & Leadership



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