My Role as a CEM: Behind The Scene

My role as Chief Executive Mum

I recently had an interview at TVManiac about Culture Inclusive leadership. The interviewer asked me about my role as a CEM.

Since CEM is my most important job, I thought I would share a little bit of the behind the scene:

I applied for the role of CEM several years ago. I failed the first interviews without an explanation and I was devastated. But I persevered and eventually got the job I had always dreamed of!

It was a challenging job, so I had a period of 9 months of incubation, to “grow” into the role.

Once I was officially appointment as CEM it was pure chaos and I had the biggest imposter syndrome. I had no clue of what I was doing because I had never done it before.

There is no training manual for CEM, you have to figure out as you go and every day is different.

The first few months are exhausting: you work 24/7 and everything is a blur

You are literally dealing with “shit” day and night.

The Board of Director is very demanding and inquisitive (they apply the 5 Why’s religiously)

The R&R evolve as the Board takes more and more responsibility

However, every day is a school day and you feel fulfilled because you are doing something meaningful.

You are probably wondering: what about the salary? It’s actually pretty good: it’s paid in the currency of cuddles, tickles and kisses. And you get random bonuses and merit increases throughout the year. It’s a pretty generous Board!

Yes, CEM, Chief Executive Mum is my most important job and that’s why it’s displayed in my profile.

If you are struggling to become a CEM, you are not alone.

If you fail the interview, you are not alone – and there are other ways to get the job.

If you have the imposter syndrome, you are not alone.

If you are wondering if you are a good CEM, you are doing great! 


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