My Top 10 Cities In The World

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The beauty of travelling

Growing up, I was fascinated by airports. I could spend hours as a kid watching people of all backgrounds frantically rush to check-in counters and boarding gates, keen to go somewhere…I would fantasise that I was a spy trying to decode passengers’ destinations. I dreamed of being that mysterious passenger myself one day…

That fascination never faded, and in fact became a lifelong passion. Throughout the years, I have invested my money in travelling – and Apple stock. Both ended up being very profitable investments.

I have visited over 40 countries and I still have a long list of places I would like to visit one day, but I wanted to share my personal list of my top 10 cities in the world and hopefully inspire some of you to invest in discovering our beautiful world…

#10 – Hong Kong offers the best of the East and the West: from dim sums’ mum & pop shops to trendy clubs & Michelin star restaurants. The concrete jungle is an illusion: discover the exotic beaches of Tai Long Wan, the breathtaking hikes in the New Territories and (very hilly) bike rides.

#9 — New York: being in Manhattan is like being in a movie: running on Central Park or the Skyline, shopping along the 5th avenue, discovering the Soho cafes and taking a ferry ride to the iconic Statue of Liberty! It’s a paradise for runners — and shoppers!

#8 – Vancouver: awesome in summer, surrounded by water with stunning lakes and parks, and awesome in winter covered in snow. The island of Victoria is a must and Whisler is just a drive away. Beware of the wild bears around — I saw one on my run!

#7 -San Francisco: the city breathes cool everywhere. The Golden Gate Bridge takes you straight to a Hollywood movie; you will enjoy the trendy bars and cafés and just the vibrancy of a city that is full of life! The Alcatraz island will take you back to old novels and you will spot a few sea lions on PIER 39, happily sun bathing and posing for tourists.

#6 -Barcelona: nature and architecture tac team to portray the best of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The footprint of legendary Gaudí is everywhere and the Basilica La Sagrada Familia is worth the trip! The Rambla avenue will tempt you with delicious tapas places and you might end up relaxing on the beach for a well deserved siesta.

#5 – Tokyo: contrast between old and new, tradition and modern. The iconic Shibuya crossing, the funky Harajuku park, the traditional outfits and the wonderful Japanese cuisine. Tokyo’s marathon is one of the most popular in the world as everyone dresses up.

#4 -Cape Town: gorgeous outdoors landscapes, beautiful ocean and beaches. The Table Mountain hike was incredible! Penguins around the corner too. The town is a colourful hub of history, culture, music and flavour.

#3 – Sydney: mix of cosmopolitan, with the emblematic Opera House and nature with the trendy Bondi beach and the charm of Northern Beaches. A ferry ride to Manly is a must and the “City to beach run” is one on my list. You can’t miss New Year’s eve overlooking the Harbour Bridge!

#2 – Rio de Janeiro: the beauty of the city, the lush jungle, the iconic Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, the colonial architecture in Santa Teresa, the sunset in Arpoador, all add up to this Cidade Maravilhosa (Wonderful City). Mecca for surfers!

#1 – Gold Coast: the lifestyle, beautiful scenery, endless golden beaches, kangaroos on the wild and koalas munching away on eucalyptus trees make this a winner in my heart. You can spend hours watching the surfers and the occasional pods of playful dolphins. It’s also a paradise for triathletes and the Gold Coast marathon is a must!

Traveling is an investment that always makes you rich, but watch out: it becomes addictive very quickly!


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