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Podcast Speaker: Languages & Inclusion

In this episode of The Ink Well Podcast, host Paulius Juodis, and I discuss the power of languages. As someone who grew up in various countries across continents, languages have always been a vehicle to bridge cultures and promote inclusion and over the years I have learned 6 fluently (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Mandarin).

Learning languages is not a “tick the box” exercise but a lifestyle as you have to keep them alive by traveling, connecting with people, and creating a conducive environment. To truly understand a culture, learning its languages and the nuances is a must.

In this episode, we go in depth into the following topics:

  • How to deal with the frustrations that come while learning a language
  • How to reach fluency and later maintain it
  • What are some of the less anticipated merits of learning a foreign tongue
  • The importance of having a strong ‘Why?’
  • The necessity of having or creating an effective language learning environment
  • and much more

Click here to listen to the episode on Spotify.

Click here to watch the episode on Youtube.




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