New Book Launch: The Flight Home

Book cover of The Flight Home

The Flight Home: Nine Journeys – Nine Lessons

On November 18th, 2023, I announced the prelaunch of my latest book, The Flight Home.

I started writing this book on the Gold Coast, Australia, on a crisp morning in July 2022 after having a coffee with my amazing mother-in-law, Dianne, who encouraged me to write a book and share my story.

Due to the pandemic, I was separated from my husband and my dog for over a year. I was single-parenting our 2 daughters, unemployed in a new country, trying to answer one question…

What’s next?

I found my answer by looking into my past and, as Steve Jobs said, connecting the dots. I went back to my childhood, revisiting all the places I lived in, from France to Brazil, Taiwan and more.

This book is my life lessons, from overcoming discrimination to learning 6 languages and different cultures, making friends across 4 continents, moving alone to China 20 years ago with a one-way ticket, discovering loss and love, completing an Ironman, and so much more.

Above all, this book is my message: a message of positivity and ownership to help you reconnect with your values and find your purpose in life.

Spoiler alert: some stories will make you smile, others laugh and perhaps shed a tear. I hope my book inspires you to connect the dots of your story and even share it one day!

This is my first time working with an entire team to launch a book:

Publisher: Earnshaw Books

Writing Mentor: Australian bestseller author and film director Vicki Bennett

Editor: Ian Mathieson

Photographer: George Papadopoulos 

Book reviews:

“This book is an emotional rollercoaster that masterfully blends humor and pathos, captivating your heart with its sincere storytelling while offering a profound exploration of life’s intricate tapestry.” Pepe Sebastian, Apple, Co-Chair for Inclusion and Diversity. 

“Veronica has dug deep to create a revealing, and entertaining memoir. Each chapter showcases a deeply held value while navigating her way through different countries, and  languages. Veronica is a force of nature who shares her optimism, creativity and drive throughout this exhilarating book.”

The Flight Home on Amazon

On the prelaunch week, the book hit the tops ranks of Amazon Kindle.

Preorder your ebook here.

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