Public Speaker in Singapore: An Athlete’s Mindset

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Public Speaker at EGN Singapore: An Athlete’s Mindset

On May 7th 2024, I was invited to be the public speaker at virtual keynote for EGN members. The session was organized by Keynote Women Speakers, an organization that aims to promote gender equity and representation in the public speaking industry.

Leveraging my experience as an amateur triathlete, I talked about an athlete’s mindset and how the principles of sports can be applied to business, productivity and life.

In the session, I covered some principles that have helped be overcome challenges and achieve personal and professional goals:

  • Unlocking your greatness
  • Having a vision
  • The power of visualization
  • Positive thinking and positive language
  • Your race, your pace
  • Gratitude
  • Fun



The session was hosted by Dona Amelia, Co-Founder and CEO of EGN Malaysia and included exercises to apply the learnings and a Q&A at the end.

The feedback from the participants was extremely positive and they rated the content with a 94/100.

See the recap of the public speaking session on LinkedIn.

About EGN: Founded in 1992, EGN is a peer network for executives and senior leaders who want to connect, brainstorm, discuss topics and share experiences. It’s present in 16 countries and have over 16,000 members. They often host keynotes and workshops with external speakers.



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