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Public Speaking at Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast

In this Podcast episode, I discuss cultural agility & inclusive leadership with the host, Craig Johns, CEO of Speaker Institute Corporate, where I am a public speaker & facilitator

During this 60-minute interview we discuss a range of topics:

Culture & languages 

We share how culture shapes up who we are and how we think from a young age. I talk about my upbringing living in 5 different countries and moving schools. We discuss the challenges to adapt to new cultures and learn new languages.

Leading multicultural teams 

Having experience as leaders in Asia-Pacific, Craig and I share our learnings leading culturally diverse teams in the Region, and how to ensure all team members feel included. We talk specifically about the challenges behind leading remotely and what strategies can help to build effective teams.

Transition from the corporate to the freelance world

I share my journey finding myself unemployed after 18 years in the corporate world, and how I discovered the world of freelance. I talk about the opportunities that result from creating content and build a personal brand, particularly on LinkedIn. We cover different types of revenue stream, from public speaking opportunities

Parenting and multicultural families

Craig and I share our experience raising multicultural families with different roots and languages. We talk about the importance of raising global citizens who see the world as one.

Click here to listen to the episode.

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