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Seeking Feedback

In this episode of the SIXCOMMS podcast, I talk about the power of seeking feedback with hosts Melanie Staunton and Lisa Partridge.

‘Feedback is a gift’ if it’s constructive, specific, and objective, and you act on it.

While most people and organizations focus on giving and receiving feedback, seeking feedback is just as important.

Asking for feedback is hard because our ego gets in the way; however, once you overcome the mental roadblocks, feedback helps you increase your self-awareness, improve, and continuously raise the bar.

Where to get started?

The best place is to start with your why:

Why is feedback important?

Once you embrace feedback as a self-improvement tool, you are more likely to proactively seek it regularly.

Join our conversation, where we discuss the following:

  • Tips to proactively seek feedback and turn it into a habit
  • Common challenges around asking and receiving feedback
  • How to seek constructive feedback effectively
  • Cultural considerations and nuances


Listen to the Podcast here.

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