The Lemon Tree Mindset: Book Signing At Bookazine Hong Kong

Flyer of the book signing event with the lemon tree mindset book

The Lemon Tree Mindset: Meet the Author

On October 19th, 2023, I hosted a book signing for my first book, The Lemon Tree Mindset, at the iconic Hong Kong bookstore, Bookazine. Bookazine is Hong Kong’s leading chain of independent English-language bookshops and was established in 1985.

The event was an opportunity to connect with followers and new readers who were keen to know more about the story and inspiration behind The Lemon Tree Mindset after its success on Amazon (Top 18 in the USA in the category of Journaling in October 2023) and purchase a signed copy.

It was a particularly special moment in my career as an author because my daughters Maia and Alba, 5 and 6 joined me to welcome the guests and took part in the celebration.

The Lemon Tree Mindset is a reinvention book based on my personal story, going from unemployed to entrepreneur, public speaker and writer. Each of the 19 chapters is an actionable lesson inspired by my experience with practical tips readers can implement for their own reinvention. I wrote this book for people who want to find a new path and create something new in their career or their life.

Find the event reel here and join me in this special event!





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