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Cover of The Lemon Tree Mindset

The Lemon Tree Mindset ebook

19 Lessons to reinvent yourself

This self-improvement actionable ebook will help you reinvent yourself and build a strong personal brand based on your values, your passions, your skillset and your goals. I modelled the book based on my own experience reinventing myself after being unemployed for months and facing rejection.

When life give you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Use the seeds to plant your own lemon tree.

This is the concept behind The Lemon Tree Mindset. The ebook is divided into 19 chapters, each of which is a lesson with a personal story and an exercise to put the learning into practice.

How to read the Lemon Tree Mindset ebook

The ebook can now be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

The only requirement to read it is to download the Amazon Kindle app from the App Store or Google Store. It’s not necessary to purchase the Kindle device.

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