Growth Mindset Webinar: An Athlete’s Mindset for Writers & Entrepreneurs

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Growth Mindset: Thinking Like An Athlete To Achieve Your Goals

In June 2024, I hosted a webinar on growth mindset for my paid subscribers at The Lemon Tree Mindset.

The webinars are exclusive sessions focused on topics related to writing, growth mindset and wellbeing and they are designed and based on my experience as an author, public speaker and Ironman triathlete.

No matter what your life goals are, an athlete’s mindset will shape your thinking to help you reach them.

As a triathlete who has completed over 100 races internationally, I have applied sports thinking to my business, my career and my life to achieve my dreams.


Thinking like an athlete enabled me to complete an Ironman, start a new career at 41, publish 3 books, sign a deal with the World’s Top Publisher Penguin, become a public speaker, and overcome burnout.

It has given me the focus, inspiration, and resilience to chase the things that matter to me.

During the session, I talked about principles from sports that can be applied to everyday life to overcome procrastination and achieve goals:


Principles of an athlete’s mindset

  1. Lifting the Anchors: overcoming limiting beliefs
  2. Vision: how Olympians use visualization to achieve their goals
  3. The Power of Positivity: reframing your thinking and your language
  4. Planning & Execution: your race, your pace
  5. Feedback: a catalyst for growth


Your Webinar is clear and relevant, your presentation style is warm and ‘real’.  I have made lots of notes and have learned from your wisdom.” Trudi Nicola.

“I love and appreciate how you make your ideas actionable. I am going to consciously work on my language and word choice.” Ami L Thompson.

I love “Your Race, Your Pace” as this is something I have to remind myself of regularly in my current line of work, especially when the external pressure is mounting for me do more than I can physically handle. You’ve also reminded me to PLAN… I’m very impulsive and impatient.” Shelly Roberts.

If you would like to find out more about The Lemon Tree Mindset and the monthly webinars, click here.






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