Why Introverts Make Good Writers

Stock of rocks representing the introverts and how they make good writers

A trip into the busy brain of the introvert

Introverts are fascinating creatures

The terms introvert and extrovert were first socialized in the 1920’s by the psychologist Carl Jung.

Scientists don’t know for sure the causes for introversion or extroversion, however, researchers have found that introverts have a higher blood flow to their frontal lobe; this is the part of the brain that helps with memory, problem-solving and planning.

A parallel universe

Introverts live in a parallel universe of their own that is often locked with a high security key: it’s the introverts’ matrix.

They like to think in silence. When you see the quiet people in the room, be aware though that the silence is just an illusion: there’s nothing quiet inside,but rather hundreds of voices and competing ideas. There’s no peace, no rest.

An introvert’s job is to break through the clutter, eliminate the noise and listen to one voice and one only. It’s an exhausting and meticulous task.

But an introvert won’t tell you any of that. He, she or they might only share their idea when asked, or sometimes interrogated and only if their idea has passed their very high standards.

Introverts don’t like to waste words. Or time.

Introverts might shut down in a loud group, not because they are shy but because that’s not their element.

They just won’t fight for attention because they have bigger fights to battle and they are all inside their brain.

Introverts will never tell you the 10 ideas they are cooking; just like a good chef that keeps the magic inside manipulating tools and ingredients behind the scene, they will only present you with the final dish once ready to be savoured.

You don’t like half-baked food, introverts don’t like half-baked ideas.

Writing is a happy place for many introverts

We find peace in silence. We can filter through hundreds of ideas until we find the one we want the world to listen to.

We can express how we really feel without having to compete for an attention we don’t seek.

We can let the virtual pen be our microphone and it feels awesome not being interrupted.

Writing is to an introvert what a busy room is to an extrovert.

That’s why introverts make good writers.


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