Workshop in Hong Kong: “Unreasonably Delightful”

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Workshop “Unreasonably Delightful”

In February 2024, I hosted an in-person workshop for the Native Union team in their Hong Kong office.

The founder and CEO, Igor Duc has the vision of turning Native Union into a brand that delivers a WOW experience every single time. Whether it’s a client, a candidate, a vendor or the courier, they should feel special, valued, appreciated and connected.

The workshop talked about the importance of the human touch to make a difference in daily interactions and covered the following topics:

  • Why delivering an unreasonably delightful experience matters for the individual, the clients, the team and the organization.


  • What is behind a WOW experience: small details and elements that take an experience from just expected to extraordinary.


  • How to deliver that memorable experience: verbal and non-verbal communication, ways to connect through care and empathy, positive language, active listening.

The 90-minute workshop was very interactive and collaborative. I built in an ice-breaker, group discussions, exercises and role-play scenarios.

The management is changing the company culture to make it more people-centered, inclusive  and customer-driven and I’m delighted to be their partner in this journey helping them to lead change.

Native Union produces smart and functional tech accessories ranging from charging cables and stations to fashionable cases and sleeves.


Workshop in action




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