Veronica Llorca-Smith

International Public Speaker:
Inclusive Leadership (DEI)
Cultural Agility
Growth Mindset 

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"Using a growth mindset to unlock people's potential"

Veronica Llorca-Smith

Inclusive Leadership
DEI & Public Speaking 

Image of Veronica llorca Smith in a business suits with a white background

"Inclusive Minds
Inclusive Leaders
Inclusive World"

Inclusive Leadership

Creating an inclusive envrionment is key for organisations and individuals to perform and thrive. I leverage my 2 decades of corporate experience in world-class MNCs like Apple to support organisations and leaders in their journey toward inclusion.

Cultural Agility

In a global world, leaders must learn to lead & develop multicultural teams with high cultural agility & EQ. Having lived in 9 countries and worked across 4 continents, I help leaders and teams bridge cultural gaps turning their differences into their competitive advantage

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the foundation of self-development and success. It starts with an open mind and self-awareness. As triathlete, I reference sports psychology in my approach to self-development.

Inclusive Language

Speaking an inclusive language that is neutral and accurate is key to create a culture of inclusion and belonging. This session focuses on the principles to speak an inclusive language.


Top Voice on Social Media

6 Languages Spoken: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin

We all have a voice and I encourage people to use theirs.
I leverage social media as a channel to advocate for topics that matter to me: diversity and inclusion and motivation. 
I am a regular speaker on Podcasts.
I am also a writer on Medium where I founded my own publication, A Smiling World about self-improvement and motivation. 
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My Keynote Topics

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next event, let's have a chat. I have over 15 years experience in public speaking delivering presentations for large organisations across APAC.

DEI Fundamentals

Diversity, Equity & Innclusion at a glance. Benefits of DEI for individuals, organisations and society

Inclusive Language

Key principles to speak an inclusive language: neutrality, accuracy. and relevance.
A practical session with real examples and case studies

Cultural Agility

Deep dive into cultural competencies and cultural mapping. A toolbox to develop cultural EQ and help cross-cultural teams work more effectively

Public Speaking: Confidence-Builder

How to develop the confidence and skills to own the stage. Mindset, tips and how to embrace your uniqueness

Feedback The Apple Way

How to provide and receive feedback effectively to increase teamwork and innovation. A clear and actionable framework to build a collaborative culture

Linguistic Inclusion

How to create an inclusive environment in multilingual organisations where English is a second language for many. Promoting & celebrating linguistic inclusion

An Athlete's Mindset

How to think like a triathlete to set yourself up for success and overcome challenges. The mindset of resilience, positivity and self-improvement

Gender Equity

A deep dive into the gender gap reviewing the current state of the union. Understanding the concepts of equity and biases and how to advocate for women in the workplace

"You Belong Here"

Veronica Llorca Smith - You belong here

"You Belong Here"

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