I’m An Introvert By Birth And An Extrovert By Necessity

Introverts versus extroverts

When we think of different personalities, we often think of introverts versus extroverts.

I took a test years ago (Myers Brig) that assesses your personality, and one of  the aspects is how you range in the introverts vs extroverts scale.

They asked some really insightful questions such as:

Do you get and renew your energy from big gatherings or solo moments?

Do you think out loud or in your head?

How comfortable do you feel speaking in public or in large groups?

In meetings, are you more the talker or the listener?

Based on your answers, you end up somewhere in the spectrum.

In my case, I was placed in the middle towards the introvert side. That result made me think.

Introverts can become extroverts

When I was a kid, I was 100% an introvert: I was very shy, I would only speak up in class if I was 100% sure of the answer (and even then!) and I would avoid at all cost situations where I was under the spotlight.

However, I had to move countries from a very young age, and changing schools and having to make new friends forced me to get out of my comfort zone and be the first one to speak, to reach out, to ask for phone numbers. It was draining!

But overtime I became an extrovert by necessity: I learned to flex, to become (or act?) as an extrovert when needed, to be able to comfortably speak in public or reach out to others to connect. I am still not the loudest voice in the room or the one who thinks out loud, but that will never be me.

So while we should embrace all personalities, introverts and extroverts equally, personally I believe learning how to flex from one to the other when needed is an amazing skill that allows you communicate and interact much more efficiently.

I will never be the loudest voice in the room but being able to drag the little extrovert out of me has definitely helped open a door or two.

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

Do you flex too in order to adjust to the environment?


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