Public Speaking with Women in Mining USA on Inclusive Language

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Public Speaking: Inclusive Language

In March 2024, I delivered a virtual session on inclusive language to the organization Women in Mining USA.

The session was attended by 50 leaders across different countries and mining organizations.

The focus of the webinar was on inclusive language and how to use it as a catalyst to drive inclusion and equity.

I talked about the impact language has on people, teams, organizations & society.

I covered the topic of unconscious bias and the impact it has on the way we think, behave and speak.

We addressed the cost of opportunity for companies, such as the potential damage to brand equity, the legal risks and implications, and the impact on business performance.

We covered key principles to speak in a more inclusive way:

  • Neutrality: how to remove assumptions from language so that it doesn’t favor or discriminate against anyone.
  • Accuracy: how to speak a language that reflects the reality for all and not only for the more privileged group.
  • People-first approach: how to focus on the human element. 

It was inspiring to see an engaged community committed to driving change in the mining industry and making it inclusive for all.

Women in Mining USA is a nationwide organization committed to positioning mining as an equitable, sustainable and reputable industry.


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