Empowering Children Through The Magic Of Writing

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Empowering children: a chat with the little ones about writing

In November 2023, I was invited to host a chat at a primary school in Hong Kong, Kennedy School, part of ESF,

The chat was about empowering children through writing and I shared my journey toward becoming an author and publishing my first book, The Lemon Tree Mindset.

The 6-year-old students of Year 1 shared their own stories and their favorite books and authors. They discovered that anyone can write and publish a book regardless of their age or experience.

We talked about growth mindset and I asked them what it means and how they can apply it. Their answers were gold:

“If it’s raining outside, you can wear your rain boots and jump on muddy puddles.”

“If you move countries and miss your friends, you can send them a letter and make new friends.”

“If you make a mistake the first time, you can try and make it better the next time.” 

I thought I was going to teach them but it turns out they are the ones who gave me a lesson!

We have a lot to learn from the little ones!

This event was close to my heart because one of the students was my 6-year-old Alba, who was over the moon to have her mummy in her classroom.

The Lemon Tree Mindset is an actionable self-improvement book for people interested in creating new opportunities in their careers. It’s based on my personal story reinventing myself at the age of 41 to become an author and public speaker.

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