Inclusive Leadership Essentials Workshop with Ageas

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Inclusive Leadership Workshop With Ageas

This was the second time partnering with the insurance company Ageas to deliver a workshop to their teams in Asia.

The 60-minute session was hosted in their Asian Regional Office in Hong Kong using a hybrid format, where participants were able to join in person in the office or remotely.

The event gathered 100 employees across different roles and functions from various offices in the region, including Vietnam, India, and The Philippines.

The objective of the session was to raise awareness of what inclusive leadership is and inspire participants to take specific action to drive change and advocate for inclusion in their roles and beyond.

Inclusive Leadership is multidimensional and encompasses mindset, behavior, culture, and processes. In this session, we focused on:

  • Inclusive Leadership mindset: understand unconscious bias and how it influences the way we think and our beliefs.

We covered the most common biases in the workplace:

  1. Affinity bias: the tendency to favor people who sound like us and look like us.
  2. Confirmation bias: finding ways to validate our own ideas to confirm what we already think or believe.
  3. Status quo bias: the preference to preserve the status quo and resist change.
  4. Expedience bias: tendency to rush to judgment without having the full picture, often pressured by tight deadlines.
  • Inclusive Leadership behaviors: behaviors to nurture inclusive workplaces
  1. Openness: seeking new perspectives by educating yourself and getting feedback.
  2. Support: taking a coaching approach where the leader adjusts based on the needs and circumstances.
  3. Clarity: setting clear goals and directions and communication how and why decisions are made.

The workshop ended with a personal reflection and an individual commitment to champion inclusive leadership in the organization.

Find out about the Equity Workshop we hosted for Ageas by clicking here.





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